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Friday, June 18, 2021

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Other services by Sarah include:

Soul readings

Laying of Stones with Reiki

Vibrational meditation



Soul Readings


Sarah offers various approaches to her Soul Readings all of which are intended to help you take stock of your soul's progress in this life. Sarah uses various tools to help focus the readings such as Angelic messenger cards which bring messages from your angels, Sacred Geometry cards and Bible Readings which provides guidance from your Divine aspect the Higher Self, or even open readings to receive understanding and direction from your spirit guides.




Laying of Stones with Reiki


Blockages in your energetic bodies are cleared, chakras are tuned and overall balance is restored with a combination of Reiki, crystals and chakra chimes. This sacred space is the ideal place to release deep-rooted pain that may present obstacles to the fulfillment of your soul mission. In fact, it is not even necessary to know the source of pain in order to clear it and often, it is beneficial to exclude the mind from the healing process as its need to understand and analyze can result in a perpetual circular process that prevents the individual from completely letting go and moving on.




Vibrational meditation


Sound and vibration shape this universe. Learn to use your own voice to create vibrations within your body that will help to heal and clear blockages to your health and happiness in this life. Each chakra is cleared and tuned while the whole system is harmonized. This sacred space is ideal for setting intentions and attracting abundance.

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